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How do I get access to the video consultation?

How do I prepare myself?

When a video consultation has been set up you will receive an email from the Virtual Consultations team with instructions how to access the Microsoft Teams system. You may wish to get started by downloading the Teams App from your App store. This video system has been tested and approved as secure for Medical Consultations.

In a normal Face to Face Consultation you would attend a clinic in ordinary clothes and would usually be asked to remove only those clothes that you need to in order to allow the relevant examination. In a video consultation you can save time by wearing clothes that already allow examination such as a pair of shorts for leg problems or a Tee Shirt or vest for arm problems. If you have a back problem you would be best to wear a light shirt that is easily removed.
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How do I prepare my room?

Mr Murray has identified a number of top tips to get the best video consultation experience.

Connection speed is the single most important factor to get good picture and sound quality. If your WiFi or broadband speed is slow please ask others in the household to avoid using the internet during the consultation. Mobile phones using 4G often give better pictures and sound than a slow or weak Broadband or WiFi link.

Use a room where you will not be interrupted.

Ensure that your face is well lit and avoid windows or lights behind you, this causes a glare on the screen and your face becomes completely blacked out.

Have space where you can move away from the screen as Mr Murray may need to see you walking or to look at the alignment of your body.

A sofa or bed is handy as the simulated examination you may be asked to do is often best performed lying down.

A supported screen device such as a laptop or a tablet in a holder will allow you to move around and show Mr Murray various movements. Alternatively a relative or friend who you are happy to have with you in the consultation could act as a Camera Operator. If you are doing this, itโ€™s best to use a device which has front and rear cameras that can be alternated.

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