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Mr Ben Murray,
FRCSEd (Tr & Orth) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Ben Murray has been treating patients with bone, joint and soft tissue problems as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon for over 15 years. He assesses and treats patients at Kings Park Hospital in Stirling as well as having a busy NHS practice.

Ben has maintained a very broad practice, looking after patients, including children, with a wide range of Orthopaedic conditions.

He has a special interest, experience and expertise in treating patients with hip and knee problems.

In addition to this he advises patients with spinal problems but does not perform any spinal surgery.

Ben will assess most bone and joint problems and if he feels a patient would be better treated by another more appropriate doctor he will advise you of this and make the appropriate referral.

An appointment with Mr Murray

If you have pain or disturbed function of bones or joints, an appointment with Ben Murray could be the first step on your road to recovery.

Ben aims to assess your symptoms and work out the cause for them as efficiently as possible in order to advise you what the cause of your symptoms is, and what the best way of treating and managing your symptoms would be.

He starts with the most basic of techniques namely just talking to you to find out what your problems are. Asking carefully worded questions he can often work out the most likely cause of your symptoms allowing him to focus further investigative efforts in a more focused way.

Ben will usually need to examine you in the clinic and chaperones are always available for this.

Further investigations are often required in addition to these assessments. The most basic examination, an X-Ray, will usually be all that is required and can be performed at the same time. More intricate tests such as MRI scans and blood tests can be arranged but will usually require a further visit to the clinic after the tests have been performed.

Appointments at other Scottish hospitals may be possible, contact below to enquire.

Our Services

We specialise in hip, knee, back pain & sciatica and general orthpaedics.

Hip Care

As a high volume hip replacement surgeon, Mr Murray delivers excellent outcomes with a low risk of complications.

Knee Care

As a high volume knee replacement surgeon, Mr Murray delivers excellent outcomes with a low risk of complications.

Back Pain & Sciatica

With 15 years Consultant experience assessing and advising patients with back pain and sciatica Mr Murray’s services are in great demand.

General Orthopaedics

Mr Murray’s ongoing treatment of a wide range of orthopaedic problems in patients of all ages makes him the ideal choice to help you.

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